1945 : The birth of a dream

The story of Verga Company, founded at the end of World War II is a passionate and wonderful story that starts from a historical date: April 25th, 1945.

A vivid and never forgotten date in the memory of all Italians, not least that of Valerio Verga, as it marked the Liberation of Italy from German invaders and the end of a dark and destructive period in Italian history.

The 29th of April 1945 is another highly auspicious date for Valerio Verga, as it marks the beginning of a long tradition in Milano, the beginning of a watchmaking dynasty.

It is told, that late in the morning of the 29th, a jeep stopped outside a building that had survived the bombing, despite being near the Gallery in Largo Santa Margherita, on the corner with Tommaso Grossi.

Inside stood the Giudici store, an old and renowned establishment. An American man wearing a uniform exited the vehicle, but he was not a soldier – he was a reporter who had been following the troops.

The American reporter entered the watchmakers, and with half sentences and subtle gestures, explained that his watch was broken and needed repairing.

The general manager personally dealt with the matter, he was our founder Luigi Verga.

Luigi diligently repaired the watch under the watchful eyes of his son Valerio, who followed all the stages of the repair from behind the counter.

It was on that day that Valerio – maybe reading his father's thoughts – also started to cultivate a dream: to have his own shop, or rather their shop – The Verga family's shop.
1947 : The dream comes true

The history of Orologeria Luigi Verga is expression of great passion and professionalism that runs for over 60 years over three generations. Luigi Verga, master watchmaker, was the founder of the Company.

Luigi's skills and experience as chief of the workshop first and as general manager of the Giudici Company later, led him to found his own society.

Luigi Verga opened his 25 m2 store in 1947: only one window that looked on Via Mazzini (even if the right address is Via Dogana, 3 where there is the building door).

The name Verga did not appear yet – there were only two signs: one with a five-pointed crown above the name Rolex and the other with the name Vacheron et Constantin.

In the lower part, exactly on the window frame, there was a third, smaller sign with the Universal Genève logo.

Luigi had begun the relationship with the Vacheron et Constantin and the Rolex company long before, being first the general manager of the Giudici watchmaking company and then becoming the brand dealer, almost at the same time of his shop's opening.

He built a real friendship with Leonardo Pagani of Vacheron and Franco Locatelli, Rolex distributor for Italy and the Colonies and the driving force of the brand's great success in Italy.

The friendship was so strong that during the exhibition under the churchyard, Locatelli gave Valerio a watch from the Oyster collection.
The 60s : The shop expands

The 60s kicked off right in the middle of the economic boom and Orologeria Luigi Verga continued to develop and expand.

Another shop window was added and the space inside increased considerably. Luigi Verga, as expert technician, organized a fully equipped workshop in the upper floor, due to the importance of guaranteeing a professional after-sale service.

The passion for “time's instruments” is a family tradition that has been continued and passed on by Valerio Verga, son of the founder.

He began to work with his father in the business at the mere age of fifteen when the basics of watchmaking were passed on to him by his father.
1987 : The consolidation

The 70s and 80s were the years of the shop's consolidation: in 1987 the shop got even larger with the acquisition of a third window and a surface area of 75 m2.

Consequently, the workshop was expanded and other watchmakers were hired.

The offer grew as well, because in the meantime other prestigious brands – Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Ulysse Nardin, Cartier, Breguet, Omega, Blancpain and Piaget – had joined the historical names.

This way, the shop became part of Milan's leading On the one hand, the 70s relaunched traditional watchmaking but, on the other, they were very difficult years for Milano and for Italy. Nevertheless Orologeria Luigi Verga managed to overcome this dark period of our history and Valerio took the reins of the shop, helping and more and more frequently replacing his father in the management and sales transactions.

However, there were always two members of the Verga family behind the three counters of Via Mazzini and in the parlour, where Valerio received special customers.

In the 80s, Valerio's son, Umberto, also began to learn the tricks of the trade.
1989 : The second store

It was in 1989, five years after the arrival of Umberto, who would become a pillar of the company, that Orologeria Luigi Verga opened a second shop.

It was in the same building of Via Dogana, but on the corner of Via Cappellari and was called “Verga Ore Oggi”.

It was specialized in youthful and cheap watches such as Swatch and Citizen.
1997 : The third shop

Fifty years after the original location opening, Orologeria Luigi Verga faced a new challenge.

In June 1997 they opened a third shop in Corso Vercelli, one of the most elegant streets in Milano.

Just like the shop in Via Cappellari, the space was small: just one window and three counters. However, there was a wide lower room, where a workshop for after-sales service was set up.

Two technicians worked there full time.

The furniture was elegant and classical and watches of prestigious brands are sold – Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Officine Panerai, Hublot, Breitling, Tudor, Tag Heuer and Baume & Mercier.

There are also Pomellato jewels, which represent a small window on the jewellery sector, and the accessories of the manufacturing company Scatola del Tempo.

Whether purchasing or simply having your watch serviced, you are guarantee by the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Edition which was first granted to Orologeria Luigi Verga in 1997.

Umberto and Valeria chose to continue the family business. Valerio and Umberto together run the Via Mazzini location while Valeria manages the store in Corso Vercelli.
2013 : A new adventure

In 2013 we changed the offer range and concentrated more on the ‘pre-owned watches.

The shop, whose name today is ‘Verga Luxury Watches' (Verga Ore Oggi, in the past), was then completely renovated and the location that was typically youthful became more sophisticated, so as to let customers feel more at ease when they have to choose or think about what to buy.

The proposed ‘pre-owned watches” belong to the best Swiss brands, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Audermars Piguet, just to name a few.

There are also technological models, for example Citizen watches, or models for younger generations, such as the Pomellato Dodo jewels.”
2014 : A new architecture of the shop

As mentioned before, since September 2014 the historical shop in Via Mazzini has grown larger, featuring four windows.

But this growth is not just about size – it is also about a complete change in the shop's layout: the arrangement of the counter areas, the workshop and the offices.

On the ground floor, there is an elegantly furnished 100-m2 room with furniture and walls characterized by dark wood and beige tones.

Inside the room, there are two counters and a few particular spaces, dedicated to the presentation and sales of prestigious brands: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Officine Panerai.

A lift leads to the second floor, whose layout is exactly the same as the first floor's.

Here, in an air-conditioned and completed renovated environment, there are the workshop for the after-sales service, the meeting room, the administrative and the mezzanine is used as a warehouse.

Besides the above-mentioned brands, there are other represented ones: Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Iwc, Hublot, Bell & Ross, Corum and Montblanc.

In addition to these, there are also Pomellato jewels, Villa Milano cufflinks and Scatola del Tempo accessories.

Since the beginning, professionalism, reliability and expertise have constituted the basis of the success of Orologeria Luigi Verga.

However, another important factor has contributed: the strong friendship between Luigi in the past and now Valerio, Umberto and Valeria, and the numerous protagonists of Italian watchmaking.
2015 : Three for the Fourth

After Umberto and Valeria, three other members of the Verga family are preparing to face the future.

They are Riccardo, Federico and Filippo, the three sons of Umberto and his wife Alessandra. “Alongside the expansion of the historical shop,” Umberto says, “the family is growing as well with its fourth generation.

Riccardo, born in 1992, is attending college, but one year ago he started coming here in Via Mazzini just to have a look and learn about the job's peculiarities.

Federico, born in 1995, has just finished secondary school and starting September 1st he will come to learn the trade.

For the time being, Filippo, the youngest (born in 1999), loves basketball and does not seem to be interested in the world of clock hands. Time will tell.”
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